Shout Out!

Shout out to Veronica Taylor and her helpers & students doing family tree research projects!

We received an email from Veronica back in January – I need to check up on the email more often.  She writes:

As a peer mentor, I just wanted to say thanks for making your genealogy page –

With the middle of the school year upon us (can you believe it’s practically February?!), the kids have had some fun mid-term projects to do. A few of them are working on a family tree project. We’ve been looking for resources to cite and include, and your page has been a big help! Thanks again for making it!

We also wanted to pass along another page. It was actually the kids who found it!:
‘History at Home: A Guide to Genealogy’

It’s a fantastic reference guide. I’m sure you and your visitors would find it useful. Can you include it on your page? Let me know – I’d love to show my helpers! Encouragement goes such a long way with kids! I’ll actually be meeting with them tonight :)

Have a great weekend!

Thank you, Veronica!  Glad your students are finding some our information and links useful.  Sorry for not getting this posted sooner.


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